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Integrity Patio Doors

Integrity Patio Doors

Integrity® Doors are Built to Perform®

From window engineering, to a vast array of sizes and shapes, to the folks in customer service.

The Ultrex Advantage

Strong, stable, durable and virtually indestructible, Ultrex is possibly the perfect building material, creating doors that leave other materials in the dust. If you've ever encountered a dented or corroded roll-form aluminum window or a faded, cracked vinyl window, the advantages of Ultrex are obvious..

Wood-Ultrex Doors

Wood-Ultrex Series doors feature exteriors of Ultrex fiberglass and beautiful real wood interiors. Setting new standards in low maintenance and top aesthetics, Integrity Wood-Ultrex series combines the most popular sizes and styles of doors and improves them with Ultrex® durability, elegant wood interiors and standard ENERGYSTAR-qualified performance. Take a look at our full line of products, then explore the range of options that make an Integrity door the perfect fit for you.

All Ultrex Doors

All Ultrex Series doors feature Ultrex construction inside and out. Beautiful, easy to use and as low-maintenance as a material can get, Ultrex® provides exceptional aesthetics, outstanding durability, and standard ENERGY STAR-qualified performance. Six exterior finishes combine with pultruded fiberglass construction to offer virtually indestructible exteriors, while the low-maintenance classic white profiled interiors provide a beautiful classic appearance.

IMPACT Products

Finally a coastal product designed to withstand life on the coast. Integrity IMPACT products are Impact/Wind Zone 3 rated for winds up to 140 mph and are constructed of Ultrex®, a revolutionary pultruded fiberglass material. Ultrex resists corrosion and UV degradation while withstanding heat up to 350°; so it is perfectly suited to resist the salt, heat, sun, wind and humidity that accompany coastal living. IZ3 rated performance designed to perform every day.

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Our Full Line of Integrity® Patio Doors:

  • Inswing French
  • Outswing French
  • Sliding French
  • Sliding Patio
  • Wood-Ultrex
  • All Ultrex
  • Impact Products
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • French Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Swinging Doors

Product Photos

Integrity Fiberglass Wood Ultrex Inswing Patio Doors
Integrity Fiberglass Wood Ultrex Swinging Patio Doors
Integrity Fiberglass Ultrex Sliding Patio Doors
Integrity Fiberglass Ultrex Sliding Patio Doors
Integrity Fiberglass Wood Ultrex Sliding French Doors
Integrity Fiberglass Wood Ultrex Outswing Door